Budget Machinery deals in new & used metal cutting machine tools - Vertical borers, cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, universal grinders, lathes, turret lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, horizontal borers, slotters, gear machinery & very occasionally sheet metalworking machines too. 

Budget Machinery LTD,  England,  Tel 00-44-(0)-1677-424023 Fax 00-44(0)-1677-424930. Used machine tools, centre lathes, DSG, TOS Trencin, Crawford, Swift, Ward, Herbert, Grinding machines, Jones & Shipman, Snow, TOS Hostivar, Lumsden, Churchill, Precimax, Cincinnati, Wickman OPG, Jakobsen, Nova, Scrivener, Glachau, WMW, internal grinders, ring grinders, Snow, Sansei, Horster, Drilling machines, MAS, Asquith, Archdale, Herbert, Vertical lathes, Webster & Bennett, TOS, Slotters, Butler, Ormerod, Muir, Jones, Ravensburg, Stanko, Milling machines, Adcock & Shipley, Bridgeport, Cincinnati, Thiel, Deckel, Aciera, Ajax, Rambaudi, Horizontal borers, Union, Richards, Kearns, Varnsdorf TOS.
Lathes. Used centre lathes, manually operated, Colchester, DSG, TOS,Trencin, Churchill, Swift, Crawford, Dean Smith & Grace, Stankoimport, Ward, Herbert, Ernault, Broadbent, Stanley, Tadu,  Warner & Swasey, Harrison, Niles, Lang, Binns & Berry, Trens. Slotters, Shapers, keyseaters & Gear Machinery. Butler, ormerod, Ravensburg, WGW, Fromag, Mitts & Merrill, Horizontal borers, TOS Varnsdorf, Union, Richards, Kearns, WMW, Giddins & Lewis., Asquith Drilling machines. Used & new, manually controlled. New HELTOS machines.. Asquith, MAS, Csepel, Used manual grinding machines. Surface grinders, Cylindrical grinders, Tool & cutter grinders, drill grinders, crankshaft regrinders, hob grinders, thread grinders, knife grinders, plough grinders, centreless grinders, universal grinders, pedestal frinders, duplex grinders, slideway grinders, ring grinders, optical profile grinders, jig grinders, internal grinders, lappers. Milling machines: USED. Conventional manual control. Vertical millers, horizontal millers, universal millers, turret millers, planer - millers, bed mills, gantry mills. Butler, Rambaudi, FIL, Boko
ZV Vertical lathes. Used. Manual controls. Borers, vertical borers, Webster Bennetts. Tooling (used). Mainly angle plates, bed plates, T slotted plates, rotary tables, surface tables, miscellaneous tooling for machine tool spindles, work holding etc... Machine tool manuals. Operators manuals, Electrical drawings, maintenance manuals for many machine makes. Miscellaneous items. Fabrication, saws, thread rollers, balancing machines, Ultrasonic cleaner, laser marker, woodworking, ZV
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New centre lathes    

  New centre lathes



Horizontal Borers Vertical borers Milling Drilling


Slotting, Shaping & Gear machinery

Machine manuals Tooling Metrology Unclassified

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  10 May 2021
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